Find New and Used Forklifts in Casper & Cheyenne, WY

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Your Casper & Cheyenne area business deserves the best machinery to help your company function at full capacity. Casper & Cheyenne Lift Service sells Tailift and Combilift forklifts, so you can move your heavy equipment with ease. We rely on some of the industry’s top manufacturers to provide you with top-notch products. When we sell you one of our forklifts, we’ll rebuild it for you to resolve any technological or mechanical issues.

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Not sure which forklift would best benefit your business?

Reach out to one of our trained specialists. The Wyoming Lift Service team is happy to answer any questions you have, so you can get the product that works best for your business. Tailift forklifts have many benefits, including:

Non-slip entry steps
Interlocking parking brakes
Adjustable steering wheel columns
Ergonomic seats
Low noise levels

Combilift forklifts, on the other hand, are combined counterbalance forklifts, side loaders and aisle trucks. Whichever product you choose, our team will service it beforehand, so you can experience peace of mind about your purchase.

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